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Frequent Flyer Depot provides a secure service that allows travelers to buy and sell all frequent flyer tickets, mileage rewards, and upgrades. Frequent Flyer Depot provides business and first class international travel, with savings up to 70% off on your airline tickets. To maintain the finest service and the highest rate of return, we have a hassle-free cash-in/cash-out process. This policy guarantees our clients quick and secure transactions.

To purchase miles buyers must first call, email, or fax the type and amount of miles, including their contact information. Frequent Flyer Depot will then contact the buyer for verification within two (2) business hours.

When a seller is matched to the buyer’s request, Frequent Flyer Depot verifies if the buyer wishes to proceed with the transaction. Upon receiving confirmation, Frequent Flyer Depot will initiate the process which transfers funds and places the ticket(s) in the buyer’s name. To learn more about this transaction, please visit the appropriate section under How to Buy & Sell.

Buyers pay the cost of the ticket(s) and all fees including international airport taxes, expedite and security fees, if any. (Note: Frequent Flyer Depot‘s broker fee is not included in the price of the ticket.) International airport taxes may range in price from $75 to $500 per one way, depending on the airline you fly. Expedite or change fees may cost up to $200, and security taxes may cost $5 and up per leg. For current prices, please see our price list.

48 states, Canada, and Alaska to Europe $3695 $2695
48 states, Canada, and Alaska to Asia $3995 $2995
48 states, Canada, and Alaska to South America $3695 $2695
48 states, Canada, and Alaska to India $4895 $3895
48 states, Canada, and Alaska to Australia $5995 $4995
48 states, Canada, and Alaska to Africa $5995 $4995