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Frequent Flyer Depot aims to deliver the best rates and the finest service to our clients. We strive to provide our clients with the most competitive rates found online. We also provide up-front pricing on our brokerage fees. See our pricing chart for details.

To sell miles, sellers may call, email or fax Frequent Flyer Depot and supply their contact information, the type and amount of miles they wish to sell. Frequent Flyer Depot will then contact the seller for verification purposes within two (2) business hours.

Once a seller is matched with a prospective buyer, Frequent Flyer Depot will confirm that the buyer and seller still wish to proceed, then process the funds and tickets transfer. For more information about this process, please view the appropriate section under How to Buy & Sell.

Sellers please contact us for mileage quotes. Sellers are reimbursed for all out-of-pocket expenses. International airport taxes may range in price from $75 to $500 per one way, depending on the airline you fly. Expedite or change fees may cost up to $200, and security taxes may cost $5 and up per leg. For current prices, please see our price list.