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Frequent Flyer Depot provides a secure service that allows travelers to buy and sell all frequent flyer tickets, mileage rewards, and upgrades. Frequent Flyer Depot provides business and first class international travel, with savings up to 70% off on your airline tickets. To maintain the finest service and the highest rate of return, we have a hassle-free cash-in/cash-out process. This policy guarantees our clients quick and secure transactions.

Frequent Flyer Depot is not affiliated with any airline, banking institution, credit card company or their respective frequent flyer or air award programs. Frequent Flyer Depot’s use of names related to these companies or programs does not constitute an infringement on their trademarks or an attempt to profit from their trademarks. Frequent Flyer Depot’s intent is to educate its clients of the various programs that offer frequent flyer incentives so that they make informed decisions when trading in their travel awards.


HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday – Sunday 9am to 9pm CST
TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL: 1-866-327-0151 (buy tickets)
1-866-447-0040 (sell miles)
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